Review on Information Retrieval for Desktop Search Engine

  • Akshat Divya Akshay Department Of Information Science and Engineering, DSATM Bangalore
  • Jammula Nikhil
  • Arindam Chowdhury
  • S.A. Karthik
Keywords: Information Retrieval, Query Understanding, Feature Extraction – Entity Recognition, Similarity Measures


Search is an important aspect of information management often taken for granted. Domain specific repositories are growing in both size and numbers calling for efficient search and retrieval of documents. This paper explores the possible techniques and necessary system components for a search engine charting several iterative optimizations over the last few years. This paper focuses on NLP models while retaining basic principles from other methods that assist in information search.


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Akshay, A. D., Nikhil, J., Chowdhury, A., & Karthik, S. (2020). Review on Information Retrieval for Desktop Search Engine. International Journal of Education, Science, Technology, and Engineering, 3(1), 19-25.

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