Improvement of the Intelligent Tutor by Identifying the Face of the E-Learner's

  • El-Kaber Hachem
  • Moulay Hachem Harouni Alaou
Keywords: Cloud, J48, Facial Image, Learning Platform, LSH


As part of our project which aims at the realization of a system named ASTEMOI. In this article, we display a new and productive facial image representation based on the Local Sensitive Hash (LSH). This technique makes it possible to recognize the learners who follow their training in our learning platform. Once recognized, the student must be oriented towards an appropriate profile that takes into account his strengths and weaknesses. We also use a light processing module on the client device with a compact code so that we don’t need a lot of bandwidth, a lot of network transmission capacity to send the feature over the network, and to be able to index many pictures in a huge database in the cloud.


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Author Biographies

El-Kaber Hachem

Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences, Moulay Ismail University. Meknes, Morocco.

Moulay Hachem Harouni Alaou

Research Team EDP and Scientific Computing, Mathematics and Computer Department, Faculty of Science, Moulay Ismail University. Meknes, Morocco.

This is an open access article, licensed under CC-BY-SA

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E.-K. Hachem and M. H. Harouni Alaou, “Improvement of the Intelligent Tutor by Identifying the Face of the E-Learner’s ”, International Journal of Artificial Intelligence, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 112-119, Dec. 2019.


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