Perancangan Sistem Informasi Efektif untuk Monitoring Retribusi Menara Telekomunikasi

  • Afdal Suganda STT Ibnu Sina Batam
  • Ismail Yusuf Panessai
  • Ririt Dwiputri Permatasari
  • Pratiwi
Keywords: Telecommunication Tower, Client-Server, License


Telecommunications is one of the important and strategic factor in supporting and enhancing the competitiveness of a nation's economy. Telecommunications also play a role in the improvement of education and improvement of relations between nations. Telecommunications tower construction is required to pay attention to the aesthetics of the environment, spatial and regions as well as safety and security people residing around the telecommunications tower. The role of the city government to regulate the operation of licensing, particularly related to the licensing of telecommunications tower is very important for the erection of the tower telekominikasi not arbitrary and detrimental to many parties. With the occurrence of these problems, we need an application that can help the city government in managing data monitoring and levies by the telecommunications tower.


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