Aplikasi Kahoot Sebagai Alat Pengujian Terhadap Pencapaian Murid Dalam Mata Pelajaran Sejarah

  • Athirah Hanis Ariffin
  • Laili Farhana Md Ibharim
Keywords: Testing Tools, Kahoot Applications, Achievements, History


This study aimed to identify the impact of using the Kahoot application in measuring student achievement for Level 1 history subjects. The objectives of this study were to develop achievement testing tools using the Kahoot application for History subjects; and identify differences in use of the Kahoot application and written tests in measuring student achievement. The design of this study was quantitatively based on 30 participants from Form 1 students at a school in Malacca. The study applied survey methods using questionnaires and experiments using test sets to see the impact of student achievement on History subjects using two different testing tools. The results showed that testing tools using the Kahoot app gave students positive results and the achievement for students using the Kahoot app was higher than using conventional testing tools.


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